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f you’ve gone skinny dipping, or visited a nude beach at one point, you’re ready to take the next step and book a weekend getaway at a local naturist resort or embark on a clothing optional vacation (or nakation).

There’s some great Mexican luxury destinations like the sister Desire Resorts (Desire Pearl and Desire Riviera Maya) that offer spectacular, luxury, playful, clothing optional getaways for you and your partner. But, you’re nervous! You’re unsure of the expectations! What if it’s a meat market and there’s a lot of pressure to do things I don’t want? Let’s take away some of that fear.

Having visited Desire Pearl a few years ago, let me assure you that Desire Resorts are a safe, body-positive, luxurious, couples’ clothing-optional getaway. Desire’s golden rule of “No Means No” is a non-negotiable line in the sand (yet it never came into play when we visited) to make sure you are always at ease. Is it sensual – Yes! Does it have it’s sexual elements – Yes!

Top 5 Clothing Optional Fears

Clearly, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding what happens at a nudist resort. Let’s debunk those clothing optional fears with some facts.

  1. Clothing-optional resorts are for swingers: There is absolutely no correlation between nudists and swingers. Some swingers are nudists, and some nudists are swingers, but that’s about the extent of it. Desire Resorts welcomes and respects everyone, consequently it doesn’t ban or encourage any lifestyle choices.

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