The Dorado Getaway – Baja Sur Gay Friendly Guesthouse

The Dorado Getaway - Baja Sur Gay Friendly Guesthouse

Beautiful Private Seaside
Baja Sur Gay Friendly Guesthouse

Our Baja Sur gay friendly guesthouse is the perfect Sea Side getaway. Awesome beauty in a safe and private location at a very reasonable price. This charming home is on The Sea of Cortez and only 150 yards from the ocean. Perfect for strolls on the beach, swimming, fishing, kayaking, or just kicking back, the national hobby in Mexico.

Only 10 minutes from Santa Rosalia, the most gay friendly town in Mexico. The LGBT culture started here in the late eighteen hundreds when a French company began miming cooper just north of town. They believed that LGBT employees were more honest, harder working, friendlier and smarter than other employees.

Those employees started the queer culture that continues today. If you are a member of the LGBT community and have never been to Mexico be assured that this area is safe and welcoming.

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