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Surely you know about eggplants🍆, bananas🍌, and peaches🍑. In this blog post, Everything To Sea staff shares their favorite fruits. For this list, we’re focusing on fruits that are native Indonesian and considered exotic to this Southeast Asian country.  

One staff member admitted that there are so many exotic fruits in Indonesia that he could not just pick one.

“It’s like we’ll have no shortage of fruits to try… or to put into our cocktails,” he said cheekily.

There are many fruits in Indonesia that are unique to the region. From Jambu Air (water rose apple) to Lychee, Coconut to Jackfruit, Longan to Guava, Avocado, Sweet Mango, and Starfruit, one thing’s for sure – you won’t be bored eating fruits here.

The stuff growing in this sprawling island-nation continues to amaze all of us living here.

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