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Ten Days in Bali

Ten Days in Bali is the perfect amount of time to enjoy a taste of everything the island has to offer. And to help with your trip planning, we have put together a 10 Day Bali Itinerary that will ensure you do not miss out on any of the highlights.

Steaming jungles, pristine beaches, rich culture, and smoothie bowls, are just a handful of reasons why we fell in love with Bali. Although we have to admit, this infatuation did take us by surprise. Until recently, we were guilty of believing that the island might be over touristic. When in fact we couldn’t have been more wrong.

There is no denying that the island is popular. But it’s not without good reason. The island of the gods appeals to every kind of traveller. Surfers, yogis, nature lovers, hikers, foodies, divers, hippies, backpackers, families, couples – all come here to lap up the islands magical vibe.

There is a lot to see and do in Bali. But with our help, you can spend less time planning and more time exploring. In this 10 Day Bali Itinerary & Guide, we cover all of the best places to go, where to find the best food, how to get around, and more. So let’s get to it.

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