Traveling While Lesbian – Once Upon a Journey

Traveling While Lesbian - Once Upon a Journey

Travelling with ‘the one’ nowadays seems like the ultimate dream. We’re living it, and it is an absolute fairy tale. But, travelling the world as a lesbian couple isn’t as easy as packing your bags and go.

Compared to straight travel couples, and arguably to solo female travellers, there is much more to think about regarding safety. We have travelled to countries with anti-gay laws and we refuse to boycott countries for that reason, we believe travelling the world is for everyone! In light of #LesbianVisibilityDay, we want to share our tips & tricks for travelling as a lesbian couple and encourage you to do it too.


If you don’t want to adapt, stay home or travel to a destination with a similar culture to your own. Think about the reason why you travel. Is your travel a break from normal life, a vacation or a holiday? In other words: do you want to relax and don’t think about anything? Find an LGBT-friendly destination. Travelling in other cultures comes at the price: you have to adapt. And we LOVE that! That might sound weird: why do you love adapting – and not being your “true self”?

Well, we love to learn about other cultures, we love to learn about traditions, different beliefs and customs. Also of countries with anti-gay laws. Be respectful of other cultures, and you’ll find other cultures might change you for the better! But: be prepared to adapt, to pretend you’re “just friends”, to accept a room with twin beds and most of all: be willing to leave your PDA in the hotel room.

By Maartje Hensen – Full Story at Once Upon a Journey

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