How to Be Gay and an Exchange Student Abroad

gay student

There are many reasons why a lot of students want to study abroad.

For one, you get to see a world unbeknownst to you. This is especially true if you choose to study in a university halfway across the globe. While studying abroad, you’ll get to visit places, learn new languages, experience new cultures and traditions, and discover things that may not be available in your homeland.

The quality of education is also one of the top reasons many students prefer to study abroad. There may be programs that are not offered in any school in your home country, which is why it would be beneficial for you to choose to enroll in a study abroad program.

Being an international student also means that you’ll be living independently in student rooms abroad. You can choose to stay in a homestay or in an apartment run by student accommodation providers.

But living and studying in another country can be extra challenging if you’re gay. Although more and more countries are embracing the LGBT community nowadays, there are still cultures that see being queer as taboo. So, it helps to know a few important things before you fly to another country to study.

Useful Survival Tips

  1. Know the laws.

To avoid getting in trouble with the authorities, or worse, regretting going to a country where you’re not welcome, it’s a must that you read up about laws regarding homosexuality in their place. If there are certain prohibitions that a queer person is required to follow, it’s important that you are aware of them even before flying there.

  1. Find out how LGBT-friendly the country is.

It can be hard living in a place where being gay is not welcomed. It could also mean that your host family or most of the people you’ll be around with are not that accepting. You’ll be better off in living in student rooms in a place where LGBT people are openly accepted.

Knowing whether your host country is LGBT-friendly or not would also ensure your safety, which should be your top concern.

  1. Read up about support groups.

Having LGBT support systems in your host country would be great to ensure that you’ll have people who will help protect and defend your rights when the need arises. Aside from friendly and knowledgeable student accommodation providers, there should be organizations and associations that you can turn to for information, legal assistance, and the like.

Out and Proud

Sometimes, living in a small town and being gay can give you the blues. Everyone knows what everybody’s doing. Everyone is judging you for who you are. This is why, oftentimes, you’re better off studying and living in student rooms abroad, especially where being queer is equally respected.

There are so many countries you could go to live and study, be it in Europe, Asia, South Pacific, Africa, the Americas, and the Middle East. Some of the most popular places to study or travel to if you’re gay include Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, and Germany, to name a few.

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