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Gay Moab - Paul Heney

Moab’s always sort of been stuck in my head.

Maybe it’s the funny sounding name, which doesn’t sound familiar or quite like anything else. Or maybe because it’s always seemed like a cool, young, progressive place—but buried in a red state that never sounded terribly welcoming to a gay man like me.

Over my years of traveling (including a couple of trips to or through Utah), I never quite got there. And the few friends I knew who did go all seemed to be focused on mountain biking, which was not something that I was into.
But on a recent trip to experience several of Utah’s impressive National Parks, we decided that Moab would make an excellent home base to visit both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. But we also wanted to do something memorable in the area beyond hiking. What could it be?

We ate dinner at Pasta Jay’s right in downtown Moab—good food and huge portions—and discussed our options. (We also giggled at the restaurant’s logo, as the big curvy J looked like a cursive G, making the menu appear to say, “Pasta Gay’s.” Obviously, we’d picked the right place.)

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