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Grand Place in Brussels

I visited the Grand Place in Brussels at midnight and I was surprised to see a crowd of hedonists there. Boy, it’s a rendezvous of both locals and tourists who pretend to be locals. I’m not really sure about drinking in public places in Brussels but seems like it’s legal? I saw people sitting while drinking and smoking on the city’s main public square. So, I guess, it’s allowed? 🙂

Grand Place or Grote Markt? Both are correct. The former is French and the latter is Dutch. This is Brussels’s main square and if you ask any local using either of the name, they’ll surely know where it is.

What’s in / around Grand Place? This square is surrounded by Brussels’s guild houses and town hall. If you stand in the middle and turn 360 degrees, you’ll be awed at the magnificent buildings, mostly of Gothic style. There’s no doubt that this place is still a centre of political, social, cultural, and commercial life. In August (every two years), this square turns into a huge carpet of flowers. It is said that a million begonias are harvested and brought here – designed and set up in stunning patterns.

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