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TraveLibro App - Nomadic Boys

Montreal gay Pride was simply incredible! We had such an amazing time and it was definitely one of the best gay pride festivals we’ve ever been to. We met Nelly Furtado, hung out with a few of the Ru Paul drag queen superstars and saw the handsome Canadian Disney Prince, Justin Trudeau, as he led the parade.

We had a whole bunch of selfies, video clips, recommendations, reviews and more, which we uploaded and recorded all in one place in the TraveLibro app and can now re-live it all again whenever we want. This is one of the reasons we love TraveLibro and highly recommend it as a way to document all your favourite travel memories.

A complete timeline of your trip

If like us you’re of the generation that recalls those old fashioned film cameras, you’ll no doubt have experienced the excitement of developing your travel photos, then collating and organising them into a photo album for future admiration.

Things have evolved a lot since, and today we do this all online via Facebook and Instagram, but after several hours, most of your social media posts are lost within the newsfeed. There is no place where you can put everything in one place to re-live all the different online memories in a way which we did over 10 years ago.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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  1. We just completed an incredible trip to Quito and the Galapagos. The Nomadic Boys, Stefan and Sebastien, were with us. They are wonderful travel companions, helpful and enthusiastic.

    Dr. James L. Rowland, Ed.D.


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