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Montreal gay bars

Montreal has one of the biggest gay villages in the world. It’s literally an entire neighbourhood, officially recognised in city maps and social media tags.

And it’s got balls. Lots and lots of balls!

Seriously – each year, between May-September, Le Village Gai has a large display of around 200,000 pink balls hanging down across the main street, the mile long Rue Sainte-Catherine.

This is also the heart of the gay scene of Montreal, with plenty of bars, clubs, after hours clubs, saunas, strip bars, cafes and more, to suit everyone. This is our gay guide to Montreal featuring the best bars, clubs, hotels and things to do, following our visit during the Fierte Canada Pride in August 2017.

Gay bars and clubs in Montreal (open till 3am)

There are many gay bars in the Gay Village of Montreal. We recommend to just head there and see where the night takes you – there’s always something happening every single night of the week.

Note that in Montreal, there’s a blur between what is a bar/club. Most are both and are open until 3am due to the licensing laws. After 3am, people head to “after hours” clubs. These are a few of our favourite gay bars/clubs in Montreal, which close by 3am, unless otherwise stated:

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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Ecocircuitos Tours – Panama Lesbian Owned Tour Company

Ecocircuitos ToursEcoCircuitos Tours is the only lesbian owned and operated full service tour operator in Panama, catering to the LGBT community. In 1999 we began our travel services, offering unique travel options throughout Panama with extension options in Central America. By combining unforgettable outdoor adventures, cultural exchanges and leisure travel experiences, EcoCircuitos designs unforgettable vacations for its clients that have minimal negative impact on the environment and local cultures.

“We combine quality service, outdoor adventure and expert advice, with extraordinary trips highlighting the authenticity of Panama. My country offers a delightful combination of amazing history, diverse cultures, close biodiversity, stunning national parks and modern cosmopolitan living, ” states Annie Young, EcoCircuitos Panama founder/owner.

Ecocircuitos ToursEcoCircuitos invites you to discover Panama, stroll along the streets of Casco Antiguo, Panama City’s historical district and taste local cuisine in a restaurant tucked away in a historical building or take a walk on Panama City’s newly build boardwalk known as the Cinta Costera to admire the amazing skyline. Visit picturesque local destinations, untouched white beaches and local communities to truly understand why Panama draws travelers from around the world. This unique destination has something for everyone.

Our travel experts will tailor adventures for your discovery of this amazing country.

See the Ecocircuitos Tours Expanded Listing and Tours on Purple Roofs Here

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Venice Off-Season – Passport Magazine

Venice off-season

One can try to describe Venice, but honestly it deserves to be experienced in person to be understood, to be felt, and to be appreciated. The city itself is a living, breathing, historical phenomenon. Every time I travel there I have to blink several times to make sure I’m not on a Hollywood movie set.

I’ve experienced this floating city made up of 118 islands during all times of the year, but by far my favorite is October through April, the off-season. Why would you consider fall, winter, or early spring in Venice? It’s less crowded, less expensive, less lines for museums and events, less heat, and no mosquitoes! It’s also much easier to get restaurant reservations and tickets to shows and recitals.

My love affair with Venice off-season wasn’t intentional, it happened quite accidentally. I made several trips in the fall and winter traveling to Venice, with my friend Bud, to do research for a new novel I am writing, Acqua Alta. The title in Italian means “high water” and refers to the annual flooding of the city that occurs commonly between September and February. I was hoping there would be an aqua alta while I visited, but that’s like going to Iceland and hoping to see the Northern Lights. It doesn’t always happen. And if it didn’t, that was okay, because I also wanted to explore the city to scout out locations that would appear in the book.

When I fly into Marco Polo Airport I hire a water taxi to get to wherever I’m staying. You can certainly ride the vaporetto, which is Venice’s waterbus. It’s inexpensive, but they can be very crowded, and with luggage it can actually be quite anxiety producing. Usually, overnight flights from the United States arrive during Venice’s morning rush hour. So I spend a little more money and hire a “shared” or a “private” water taxi online through Venice Link.

By Arthur Wooten – Full Story at Passport Magazine

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Anticipating Italy – Dolly Travels

Vernazza Italy - Dolly

Yes! As I pack for our upcoming trip to Italy, I can barely contain my excitement and anticipation of returning to the country that I consider my second home.

There is something about Italy that draws me back, time after time, year after year; although my European ancestors were from Germany or the British Isles, Italy, its customs, its people, its food, its love of life appeals to me more than any other country I have visited. Don’t get me wrong here; I have visited many countries and enjoyed my experiences in those places. However, going back to Italy, to me, is returning to the place where I belong.

Florence is my favorite city. I could wander the streets, climb the hills, have a meal or an aperitif in any number of little restaurants or bars and be comfortable. I have mentioned in my blogs before, of the sheer pleasure of going for an evening stroll (la passiegeta) and finishing my walk by sitting on a bench in a neighborhood park, watching children at play while their parents conversed with neighbors and friends, and the “nonne” (grandparents) catch up on the gossip with other “nonne”.

From Florence, I would probably take the train up to the Ligurian Coast, to Cinque Terre. In those 5 villages, I would encounter a culture and life style that is far removed from the big city life. The residents of these towns are fishermen and farmers, most raising grapes in cooperative vineyards that produce that excellent white wine.

The villages are small, very hilly, thus the area has become a mecca for hikers. Although the area is much too full of tourists now, during the day, at nighttime, if I am able to get the room at Martina’s that I love, in Vernazza , I am able to sit on the veranda and watch the twinkle of the lights of Monterosso off to the right, the light on the castle far up on the hill to my left, while seeing the activity of the restaurants and the strollers in the piazza below me.

Soon the clock on the church immediately to my left, will chime the hour, reminding me that it will also chime at 7:00 the next morning, so perhaps I need to go to bed, sleep well and be ready for a busy hiking day, after a breakfast of the best pastries in the world, at Il Pirata restaurant, up the hill, at the top edge of the town.

If I stay in Monterosso, you will find me at the beach. I will go down to Stella and rent a lounge chair and umbrella for the day, and swim, read, relax, go up to the cafe for lunch, then repeat. When I think of going to a Happy Place in my mind, this is the scene that I envision.

In Rome, my favorite place to stay, would be near the Campo di Fiori, with its huge fruit and vegetable market in the daytime, and the open square at night, where musicians come out to entertain, while restaurants and cafes all around the perimeter, serve drinks and meals to the patrons, while the young people begin to congregate at their favorite bars. In the summertime, all this action takes place “al fresco”, in the open air.

Ah, then there is Sorrento. Nestled in the curve of the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is a place of serenity, a peaceful oasis down at the water’s edge. I especially love going down to Marina Grande, the old fishermen’s marina, where the restaurants sit facing the water, and serve an amazing array of seafood fresh from that sea that day.

However, up in the main part of the city, much activity takes place. The main street is
filled with shops of every sort, from the high-end stores to the sidewalk markets. There is the lovely Basilica of San Francisco, where one can see wood-carved doors. Overlooking the bay is the Foreigner’s Club, an edifice that caters to “stranieri”, we tourists/visitors to Sorrento. While having a huge ballroom, suitable for weddings and large gatherings, outside is a large open air patio, where one can watch the action, or quiet beauty of the Bay of Naples, while sipping a drink and having a snack.

Marina Piccolo, the main harbor, is bustling, also, with excursion boats to the Isle of Capri, and other islands in the bay, as well as trips up to Naples, an down the Amalfi Coast.

Now if I were to leave Sorrento and travel north, I might want to spend a few days in Venice. There is a city, very unique in its culture, architecture styles, way of life, for it is water bound. No traffic except on the canals, and those are bustling. Water taxis, water police boats, ambulances, floating “farmers’ markets”; all commercial vehicles are boats. I would get on a “vaporetto”, the city bus equivalent, and tour the Grand Canal. Or I might just wander through the back streets, find small neighborhoods, intimate cafes, as well as the Jewish ghetto. On the other side of the Grand Canal, I will probably go to the fish market and the fruit and vegetable stands near that, to get the makings of my dinner for that night.

Before I leave Italy, though, as often as possible, I need to go to the Dolomites. I have found that being in those mountains, whether hiking or just relaxing, is my ultimate “Happy Place”. There is find tranquility, peace of mind, that I have not found in any other place on earth. Those magnificent, jagged peaks, sometimes topped with snow, towering over the rolling hills of meadows, steep hills of evergreen trees, with hiking trails all over that accommodate the hiking interests of everyone, from short, flat walks, to rugged “mountain goat” trails. I could spend days wandering on those trails, for there is nothing to interfere with my inner peace up there.

So, I will leave you now to dream of Italy, while I finish packing and dream of Italy.

Look for posts from me. We will be in Rome in just a few days. A new adventure awaits.

Ciao for now,

By Dolly Goolsby – Full Story at Dolly Travels

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Surprising Gay Glasgow – Gay Star Travel

gay Glasgow

English people like me hold plenty of prejudices about Glasgow. But Scotland’s biggest city is actually a cultural powerhouse – friendly, creative and sophisticated.

People Make Glasgow

‘Don’t you worry about the weather,’ the receptionist at my hotel told me as I checked in. ‘You’re set fair for today.’

Two hours later, I was wrestling with my umbrella as gail-force rains lashed over me. But he’d said it with a smile and Glaswegian enthusiasm is infectious.
The locals have a different attitude to the weather from the rest of us. The odd shower is inevitable. But although they can’t be trusted with forecasting, they are the absolute highlight of the city in every other way. They are direct, friendly and outspoken.
In that spirit, the tourist board changed their brand in 2013 to ‘People Make Glasgow’. You can’t argue with that.

Flourishing Music Scene

Glasgow is a UNESCO City of Music and boasts one of Britain’s best live music scenes. They say that you haven’t seen Glasgow until you’ve seen a gig there. And there’s plenty to choose from, with around 130 live music events a week. Whether you like classical, pop, jazz, electronica, indie or country, you’ll find it in Glasgow.

By Tris Reid-Smith – Full Story at Gay Star News

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Ptown Columbus Day Weekend bargains !

Bargains galore in Provincetown for the Columbus Day Weekend!  It’s the monumental yard sale weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Find great bargains at store sidewalk sales or explore Ptown and find yard sales all over town.  You may even see signs like the one to the right where Kenneth Scott is having a summer clearance sale of 50-75% off.

Coming up:

Oct 6-8               Monumental Yard Sale weekend

Oct 6 -9              Columbus Day weekend 

Oct 9-15             Women’s Week

Oct 15-23           Fantasia Fair

Oct 27-29           Spooky Bear weekend

Oct 27-29          Halloween weekend 

The Somerset House Inn joins in on the bargains by offering 10% off any stay of two nights or more which includes Saturday, October 7th.  Good for new reservations only please mention ‘bargains galore’ when booking your reservation to receive your discount.

With great weather and lower mid-season rates you have a great reason to visit Ptown this fall.  Ptown Dan and his partner Bob own the Somerset House Inn, a wonderful B&B in the perfect Ptown location.  On Commercial Street, across the street from the water our guesthouse is walking distance to everything.  We would love to have you stay with us, please visit our web site to make your reservations.  We look forward to welcoming you to Provincetown!