Charming Annecy, France – Keep Calm and Wander

Annecy, France

Here are 15 photos of Annecy, a charming little town in France, near the border with Switzerland. These photos only show the side of the town along the canal. Don’t call it the “Little Venice of France” because it’s farther from the truth – few tourists.

I think, one of the things to do here is to walk along the canals to see the town’s delightful beauty. The colourful houses’ reflections on the water on a sunny day is splendid! Take a leisurely walk at the Old Town and be amazed at the historical value of some medieval buildings around. Don’t also forget to take your lunch at one of the restaurants there. If you can’t afford, get an ice cream! LOL…

Annecy is a two-hour ride by train and can be explored by a day trip from Lyon. I arrived there at 9:30 in the morning and took a train back to Lyon at 3 in the afternoon. I think there’ 1 or 2 trains every hour.

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