Kansas City Protest Kansas City ProtestOver a thousand people in greater Kansas City, MO attended a special Anti Prez Trump Inauguration Day protest today. The Rally began at the World War I Museum which is across the street from the Union Station. Several speakers spoke and then the parade went through the streets of Kansas City began and everyone walked about a mile to City Hall. A VERY heavy Police presence was on high alert on horseback, on foot and patrol cars. They even had a couple of drones to check things out. Fortunately the rally and parade were a peaceful one and without any problems at all. Kansas City ProtestThere was a very large variety of people at the rally… Mothers and Fathers with their babies, Gays and Lesbians, Jews, Blacks, Muslims and hundreds of United States citizens who are simply fed up with the new direction that the country is going. They ranged in ages from toddlers to people in their 80’s. At City Hall more speakers addressed the audience. Kansas City ProtestIt was an event that everyone was thrilled with and very glad that they attended. They had pallbearers that carried a casket in the parade representing the death of America. At some point in life, being quiet is simply NOT an option. Each of us needs to stand up and be counted. There needs to be a place at the table for EVERYONE ! Be safe and sane, but we all have to stand up for our rights. Kansas City Protest Kansas City Protest Kansas City Protest Kansas City Protest Kansas City Protest Don and RayAlways remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone! TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD is written by Donald Pile and Ray Williams, Award-winning, Celebrity travel columnists who write for gay publications from coast to coast (And now legally married). Proud members of the IGLTA. You can email them at [email protected] and visit their website at

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