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Published Date Author: , January 30th, 2017

Tate Modern London - Alain

Tate Modern London is your place to go if you wanna see contemporary art. I must admit that the building’s facade itself is not of a contemporary design but a boring concrete that doesn’t scream modern. And the reason is that – it used to be a power plant and converted into an international venue of contemporary art pieces. As a friend said, “All that contemporary shit you’ve seen somewhere, they’ve all been here at Tate Modern first.” He could be right. 😉

And the best thing about being a tourist in London? The art galleries and museums are FREE! Yes, they’re free, except of course for few visiting exhibitions. I did save a lot of money as museums are exorbitantly charged anywhere in big cities around the world. I love free stuff. Therefore, I love London! 😀

Tate Modern London is your go-to gallery for contemporary art. It is Britain’s national museum of contemporary art where you see the works of big names in the art world.

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