Really Gay New Orleans

Gay New Orleans Yes, it’s Gay New Orleans. There’s a reason this southern gay mecca always makes the list of most popular cities in America, and it’s not just because of the delicious originality of beignets. There are so many unique experiences that you can only find here, and the combination of the them in one trip or five is the absolute beauty of the place. Check out these five really gay things you’ll only find in this one American city… 1. “The Fruit Loop” Gay New Orleans may be known for its slower pace and easy-going attitude, but when it comes to going out, the gays are all about efficiency. That’s why the majority of the bars are clustered within walking distance of each other, in an area of the French Quarter appropriately dubbed “The Fruit Loop.” And since New Orleans is one of the few places left where open containers are allowed on the street, it makes bar hopping extra fun. Not to mention convenient.

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