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Gili Air - The Scruffy Italian Traveler I had such a great time on the beautiful island of Gili Air! I enjoyed spending my day just doing just what I like to do the most, which is chillaxing 🙂 This is how my typical day on the island looked like. As soon as I woke up, after a refreshing calm night sleep, some fresh water on my face, just a bit of fruit to break the night fast, I was out for a good 1 hour jogging around the island before the heat hit too strongly (the island is very small, so in less than one hour you have been running all around it). Soon after, a refreshing shower in my open air shower overlooking the ocean! a super powered breakfast soon after; a refreshing dip into the ocean; relaxing on the beach; plenty of coffee and fresh fruits during the day; drinks at sunset (on the sunset beach of course!); beautiful dinners with fresh fish; and more drinks and good music after dinner. This is life, isnt it? I was not lucky with the weather: I visited in December, when the Monsoon storms hit very strongly the area, so I did not enjoy very much the underwater life. I did some snorkeling, but in all honesty I did not have much luck!

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