Is Colombia Safe for Travel?

Published Date Author: , September 24th, 2016

Colombia - Dani

Confession: I almost didn’t get on my plane to Colombia because in the days leading up to my departure, I got scared. I spent the last few hours before my flight departure in agony, going back and forth about canceling my flight. I had just read this article:

Solo Female Going to Colombia? Just Don’t.

I came across it the very day before my flight, and reading the headline alone made me wonder if I should read the article or not. It wasn’t just that article: a few days earlier during a travel meetup, a friend of mine offhandedly mentioned to me that her friend recently got back from Colombia where she and her friend had being robbed at gunpoint and lost everything.

I was scared, if not terrified.

Was I crazy for traveling to Colombia as a solo female traveler, just as many family members and friends suggested I was when I told them I had purchased a plane ticket to Cartagena? Even though the country has gotten considerably safer in recent years, there is still a government warning for travelers to Colombia in place.

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Costa%20Rica Carolina Juvera said on September 26, 2016, 9:01 am:


My wife and i are thinking of traveling to Costa Rica next year in March or April. Do you know of which area is safe to visit? Or how do we find out if they are LGBT friendly. Thanks.

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