Tripping through Tbilisi

Tbilisi If I had a coin for every time I explained I was traveling to Georgia The Republic of, not the US state I’d be a wealthy man. Admittedly, to many Westerners it’s not high on the bucket list, overshadowed by higher-profile neighbours Turkey and Russia. But following a invitation from a friend to visit him in his newly-rented apartment in Tbilisi, I felt instantly curious and torn. It’s legal to be gay in Georgia, but the country is so entrenched in Orthodox Christianity that LGBTI people are often victims of abuse and violence. When it comes to where queer travelers in the West choose to vacation, many of us vote with our wallets, supporting the economies of well-catalogued gay-friendly destinations, such as Sitges or Mykonos. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

By Clark Turner – Full Story at Gay Star News


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