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Kona Aloha! Yes, I have been relaxing (one might interpret that as lazy, actually). I flew into Kona last Tuesday evening. Of course, it was dark, it was late, so I did not see much that night. My brother, Darrell, and his wife, Kat, picked me up from the airport. After getting here to the house, we relaxed on the lanai, caught up with news from home, then off to bed. In the morning, I walked out of my room to the backyard, to a gorgeous view. Darrell and Kat were both busy when I made my way out to the kitchen. Breakfast is in the frig, I was told. I took out a bowl of fresh mango, topped it with some yogurt, a small apple banana. Filled my cup with coffee from the farm here. I sat on the lanai, taking in the view while eating my breakfast, all of which came was grown here, except the yogurt. Then I put on my walking shoes and did a tour of the property, and walked as far as I could go. On my walk, I went through the orchard. Lemon trees, several different types of mango, limes, oranges, tangerines, even an allspice tree. I had never seen one of those before. I frightened a mongoose, who was eating a mango that had fallen to the ground. I was too startled to get a picture of the furry animal, and he didnt stick around long enough to pose for me. After my walk, of course I had to get into the pool. By that time, Kat had returned to the house and was doing exercises in the pool. I joined her for a short time, which was just long enough to get a bit of sunburn. I learned then that I need to use stronger sunscreen. That evening, Mama Cat and I walked to the edge of the pool to watch the sunset. Mama Cat didnt even look at the sunset. I did, though, then returned to my chair on the lanai and watched the darkness cover the landscape. For some reason, the sunset picture does not want to appear in this blog post, so I promise to take another one and send it later. For now, I will have to say Aloha! As we are going out for brunch. Food and relaxing seem to be the priorities for me, every day. I will write more later and hopefully, have a sunset picture. Aloha, Dolly

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