Gay Cuba: An Aura of East Acceptance

Gay Cuba Photo Credit: Augusto Mia Battaglia/Flickr[/caption] Last May I was living the dream — or at least, I was living someone’s dream. I was on a plane bound for Cuba with 11 handsome, muscly men. We had rented a villa in Cuba’s swanky Miramar neighborhood, where we were destined to spend our days sipping Cuba libres poolside, meandering the streets of Old Havana and dancing to that sultry, syncopated Cuban music that can make you forget that the sun rose hours ago. It was definitely fodder for some type of female fantasy … save for the fact that all 11 men were gay. To an outsider, Cuba would probably not seem to be a prime location to promote LGBT travel. But what we found was quite the opposite: a widely tolerant community where being gay is more than accepted. In fact, in Havana, it’s a nonissue. “Forget about the communist side of it: Latin cultures aren’t necessarily accepting of homosexuality,” said David Lee, owner of luxury travel company Cultural Cuba. “Combine that with the communism, which is also not very accepting, and you assume Cuba would be the worst possible place for LGBT travel. But it’s not.”

By Meagan Drillinger – Full Story at Travel Weekly

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