Cuba – Ten Things to Know Before You Go

Cuba - Sydney Photo by Sydney Coatsworth[/caption] For more than 5 decades, Cuba has been the much lusted after – but unattainable – American vacation. Oh the torture to be so close to those glorious beaches, to a plucky, passionate nation that remains rooted in the 50’s with antique cars and slicked back hairdos. Despite being ruled by a dictator and ostracized by their closest neighbor, they opened their arms to the world and thrived. Although Americans have been allowed access to Cuba since 2011 through licensed tour operators, the recent lift of the embargo has hearts aflutter. But let’s be honest, it’s going to be a while yet before the average American can jet down for an inexpensive, quickie vacation, though things look good for more open American Cuba travel by the end of 2016. Some travel experts predict it will be 2-4 years before the tourism infrastructure in Cuba matures enough to support American vacationers en mass. While you’re waiting for Cuba to ready herself for you, take a few moments to look – really look – at Cuba as a vacation destination. Cuba is home to a smorgasbord of unspoiled beaches, warm climate and passionate, hot-blooded culture, remember – but it’s still a very poor country and it’s had no exposure to American tourists for more than 50 years. Be prepared for some old-world practices.

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  1. First I did not count one thing to know about Cuba.
    Second 800,000 Canadians annually go for 7-30 days to Cuba.
    Thirdly, affordable is $400 USD last week for 8days and 7 nights in a hotel.
    Fourthly, Casa particulars are living in exceptionally clean rooms in Cuban citizens homes.
    No crime, you book there and you will only find the kindest people who because you booked they get
    meat coupons. So they can get something more then rice and beans. And they are joyful to have you.
    Fifth, there are thousands of hotels yet to be built. Destruction of pure Eco systems! Be careful,
    Sixth, Canadians and Europeans are totally secure going annually to Cuba.
    Seventh, immigration of Cuban straight and gay and lesbian partners rises every year. I know 3!
    There is not a more succcessful couple set then Canadian/Cuban lovers. They want self reliance and work
    and are so willing to learn English, find work and contribute to the home, but know they are obligated by law
    in Cuba to return every 2 years and pay a non residential fee even if they have Canadian citizenship.
    Eight, Veradero Beach has world class Caribbean hotels with beachfront rooms with ocean views and food!
    Ninth, the best tours through the beauty of in country places are fantastic hotels and Casa Particulars.
    Tenth, they have a large annual gay pride parade in Cuba, the presidents niece is a superpower gay advocate.
    Now there are 10 things to know.
    11th, do not rent a car. Take a taxi, even 200 miles from Havana to Veradero Beach hotels is only $50!
    That is a Cuban ten points. Lighten up, the embargo has damaged life for people. When you stay with them you life up their quality of life enormously and you will never have crime issues unless you are single out alone at night on the Malecon. Check out the Gelato shop, go to a group of young working boys, they will take you safely to your hotels and prevent you from any HARRASSMENT from muggings. Be aware, be safe, look forward to the happiest Caribbean place for a vacation. Be generous with tips, and enjoy. You will love it.
    Vancouver BC to Havana, Cuba for $400 hotel and airfare is a great deal. Cannot beat low season prices even in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is now expecting $35 a meal at restaurants in Old Town. It is not cheap!


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