The Most Beautiful Starbucks in the World

Starbucks Dubai - Alain A friend (whom I’ve never seen in ages) and I went to Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai with one purpose – to see, try and experience what it’s like sitting in the most beautiful Starbucks in the world. Well, apparently. It’s not just gorgeous but it’s grand and magnificent! The high ceiling dome filled with Persian-inspired art is tantalizing. The arches are resplendently monumental that you’d feel so small when you’re under them. The thing about traveling during Ramadan in the Middle East is that most restaurants are open only after sunset. This Starbucks shop is no different. We were there around 5:30 in the afternoon but they informed us they’d start serving people at 7 in the evening. All we could do was pose and be natural in front of the camera.

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