Mykonos Rocks The Gay Travel Scene

Published Date Author: , April 20th, 2016

Mykonos - Elysium Hotel

When trying to define the ultimate gay summer holiday, one place often springs to mind: the world-known destination of Mykonos! Even though civil partnerships for same-sex couples has only recently become legal in Greece, this small Mediterranean country and friendly, vibrant and fabulous Cycladic gem is proud to be one of the global landmarks of gay travel.

But why is Mykonos so popular with gay travelers? Over the past decades, Mykonos has developed a distinctive gay-friendly attitude, that cannot be compared with any other destination.

The island manages to preserve many of its traditional elements, however the culture of local people has grown to become naturally friendly to any kind of diversity — and of course, to gay and lesbian travelers from all over the world, who choose Mykonos for their summer holidays.

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natalie - Gravatar natalie said on July 26, 2017, 1:54 am:

Thanks for the great share! There is most certainly a very gay friendly attitude in Mykonos. With so many wild gay clubs and amazing gay beaches, you are guaranteed a good time traveling in this city. My company is working on a gay travel website called ‘Gayout’ and i have created a page on gay travel hotspots in Mykonos; feel free to check it out at

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