Palm Springs Not As Popular With Lesbian Travelers?

Photo: Taya Gray Photo: Taya Gray[/caption] What’s abundantly obvious is Palm Springs is a popular destination for gay male tourists. What’s maybe less well known is the region is not so sought out by lesbians. In fact, Palm Springs tied with New Orleans and Miami for the No. 15 spot for top gay male travel destinations in the United States and Canada, ranking ahead of Denver, Portland, Oregon and Toronto, according to a November 2015 survey conducted by Community Marketing & Insights, a gay and lesbian marketing research firm. The survey polled 3,772 self-identified members of the LGBT community and 412 respondents said they had come to Palm Springs for leisure travel. While among lesbians, Palm Springs barely ranked in the top 20 with only 7 percent of gay women reported having visited Palm Springs for an overnight trip in the last 12 months. “Women are more likely to be traveling in rural America and national park America,” David Paisley, senior research director at CMI, told the Desert Business Association recently. “They tend to not be so urban focused.”

By Skip Descant – Full Story at Desert Sun

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