City Sundays: Florence

city-sundays-florence Hey all, Welcome to our weekly series on the blog and our Facebook travel groups – City Sundays. Each week we’ll select a different LGBT friendly city to talk about, and we’ll invite our innkeeper and travel agent/tour operator friends to come talk with us about it as well. Florence is truly a world-class city. It’s extremely walkable, and it’s the cultural heart of Italy. There are so many great museums here, and one of the finest pieces of art celebrating the male form – David by Michelangelo – is here as well. Seeing David is almost a religious experience. It’s hard to explain, but seeing this statue that we have all seen in pictures a thousand times is nothing short of stunning. Florence is also a world-class food capital, with some amazing restaurants. And it’s a great base for exploring Tuscany. Have you ever been? What did you do while you were there? Do you wanna go? Let’s chat! Join the conversation here: Gay (Men) Travelers: Gay Travel Club Lesbian Travelers: Lesbian Travel Club Transgender Travelers: Transgender Travel Club Bisexual Travelers: Bi Travel Club LGBT Families: LGBT Families Travel Club Check out our Florence page here: And our Florence articles on the blog here:]]>

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