Switzerland – Food On the Go

E;vetino Switzerland’s always-on-time transportation system can get you across the country on a fast train, up to the top of a mountain via ski lift, cable car, or cog railway, or around a lake for a leisurely cruise, and in many cases even provide you with a great meal in the process. Most of the country’s trains are part of the SBB (Schweizerische Bundesbahn, Swiss Federal Railway system, www.sbb.ch) and connect with local buses, local railways, municipal light rail (tram) systems, and lake and riverboats, making door-to-door travel as easy as consulting an uncomplicated schedule online or at the station. If grabbing a quick meal on the way to catch your train or even at the station isn’t an option, remember that many Swiss trains offer onboard food service, either from an “elvetino” cart that makes the rounds several times during longer trips on inter-city (IC) and inter-regional (IR) trains. Elvetino, an international company based in Zuerich, is a subsidiary of the SBB and provides 15 point-of-sale counters in train stations in Switzerland, about 100 mini-bar-style food carts, and 88 dining cars on Swiss trains as well as on some international routes that originate in or pass through Switzerland. Elvetino carts come equipped with mineral water, Coke products and Swiss soft drinks, bottled fruit juices, wine and beer, and freshly made coffee, decaf, and tea. A variety of sandwiches and snack foods, both salty and sweet, are also available.

By Nick Malgieri – Full Story at Passport

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