Michael Lucas discusses his recent trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico and PREP

michael-lucas-l-0616bd16-l michael-lucas-l-98b8eb77-l We were fortunate to get a few minutes with Michael Lucas, Founder and CEO of Lucasentertainment.com. He was just back from his Christmas vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Q: You just came back from vacationing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico where you stayed in Piñata PV Gay Hotel (www.pinatapv.com) A: Yes, I spent Christmas at Piñata PV. I travel all over the world and can tell you that the hotel’s owners Ronnie and David are the most amazing hosts I’ve ever met. Not only did they explain to me how to get around Puerta Vallarta and booked some fantastic trips, but they actually took me and other guests out for dinner, showed us some amazing places, restaurants, galleries, nightclubs and introduced us to some cute local guys. The hotel itself is the one of a kind: they designed and built it themselves on a beautiful & quiet street in the heart of PV; it’s a modern boutique hotel. Q: What do you think about PV? Also, we know that you collect art and crafts from all over the world and you love shopping in Mexico. A: I love Mexico: it’s wonderfully warm and has hospitable people. I’ve traveled all over this amazing country. PV is a small place but it has so many things to do and see. One of my favorite places to visit is the botanical garden. When visiting make sure to meet its founder, Bob Price, who is an American man that fell in love with PV and built a spectacular collection of plants from all over the country there. It’s a huge area with a river, waterfall, and a beautiful restaurant on top of the hill with a magnificent view; it is also a perfect place for hiking. Photos courtesy of Ric Chamblee taken at Vallarta Botanical Gardens See the rest of the article http://gaypv.mx/interviews/michael-lucas-lucas-entertainment]]>

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