Gay Crete in a Nutshell

Published Date Author: , January 8th, 2016

Gay Crete

Say “Greece” to the travelling LGBT community and chances are most of them will think of Mykonos or Lesvos (aka Lesbos), but Crete — birthplace of Zeus, home to the Minoan civilization and the largest of the Greek islands — has much to offer the gay and lesbian traveller. Whether one’s interest is archaeology, lazing on the beach or seeing the sights, Crete impresses the visitor with its sheer size and variety of landscapes.

To put Crete in perspective: Mykonos, at approximately 100 square kilometres, is about 50 percent bigger than Manhattan; Lesvos, at 1,630 square kilometres, is about half the size of Rhode Island. Crete, at more than 8,000 square kilometres, is 80 times bigger than Mykonos and bigger than the state of Delaware, but without so many people: its population is slightly more than 600,000 people, although it has several million olive trees and there are quite a few goats.

What should be clear from this is that Crete is a big island and you are not going to see it all in one day. Indeed, I have lived here for 10 years and came to Crete on holiday six times in the three years before that and I still haven’t seen everything.

So what is there on Crete for the LGBT tourist?

By Tim Mitchell – Full Story at Xtra

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