Wandering Wives – Crashing An Indian Wedding

Published Date Author: , November 19th, 2015

Indian Wedding

When we arrived in Orchha it was late and we had trouble finding a room. Wondering if there was a census, holy day, festival or son of God being born in a stable near by, we eventually found a dank, desolate, 200 Rupee room that was available. Knowing from our past escapades that beggars can’t be choosers, we took the room.

We had travelled a whole day in the car and wanted nothing more than to sleep but the thumping music and lights from whatever parade was happening outside put pay to that. Mildly motivated by the stench of our room we decided to venture out into the streets to see what was happening.

Indian wedding horse“It is wedding season in Orchha!” We were told by our hotelier. He further explained, it was a sacred or lucky day to get married and over 200 weddings had happened in the town that day. We saw several grooms paraded through the streets on horseback followed by a procession of wedding guests. Many of these elaborate parades included large carts and vehicles wired to suspicious looking generators. These carried impressive displays of flashing fairground lights and blared out traditional Indian rave music with a thumping bass line. We were carried through the streets in a wave of festival atmosphere, dancing and cheering along with the locals.

We stopped outside a large restaurant with no roof and tried to sneak a look at the wedding reception being held there. We were quickly surrounded by children who for some strange reason wanted our autographs. Next came their parents, who rather than asking us to leave, took us by the hand and dragged us into the wedding reception…read more on Wandering Wives

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