Tango Diva – Big, Bad and Beautiful Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Published Date Author: , November 25th, 2015


When I feel caged from the chaos and noise of city life, I seek open spaces to clear my mind and rejuvenate my spirit. Lucky for me, I don’t always have to travel to distant continents to get my fix.

The Western United States is home to many iconic open spaces that offer refuge to the restless soul and an amazing travel experience. Whether you are a naturalist, spiritualist or simply a travel enthusiast, the stunning beauty and sacred energy of each of these special places cannot be denied.

The encounter can be life changing.

Sedona and Bryce Canyon are among the best of the West and my top picks for awe-inspiring, jaw dropping moments. The grand geography painted in rich reds, burnt orange and browns, the endless sea of sandstone, radical rock formations and a canyon of towering spires are etched in my mind.

Both are phenomenal destinations that are hard to forget; it was not until this year that I would discover a new rival.

By Sheila Gaspers – Full Story at Tango Diva

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