Globetrotter Girls – What Makes Brighton So Appealing?

Published Date Author: , November 16th, 2015

Dani - Brighton

The first time I heard about Brighton, the popular seaside town on England’s south coast, was in a Sherlock Holmes crime novel I read as a young adult, which was set in 19th century Brighton. The book did not only talk about a murder case Holmes solved, but it also mentioned posh women in fancy, flowing dressed who were meandering up and down the extensive promenade, hands in white gloves that were holding an ornate umbrella, it vividly described elegant Regency-style buildings with stuccoed facades and column-framed entrance doors. When I finally visited Brighton, many years later, that was the image I had in my head.

As soon as we arrived at the beach promenade, I could immediately picture Brighton in its heyday as posh weekend getaway for London’s elite and royals. It still had the flair of this elegant seaside town with gorgeous, well-maintained Georgian-style houses facing the ocean, the stunning Royal Pavilion, and the old fashioned pier.

However, once you start exploring Brighton beyond the promenade you realize that the town is anything but stuck in time, having developed into its very own modern version of an English seaside resort, a town that is completely different than all the other seaside resorts on England’s south coast, with its very distinctive, incomparable character that sets it apart from cities like Portsmouth and Southampton. So what makes Brighton so unique?

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