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Published Date Author: , November 21st, 2015

Carlos Melia - Thailand

After a long night out in Bangkok which began in full luxury and ended up right in the underground scene, I was awake pretty early, with a pounding headache and hangover, but determine to conquer the day ahead, which included an full morning Thai Cooking Class at The Oriental Thai Cooking School of the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, follow by a 3-hours Khlong tour of Bangkok.

So my first stop was shades to conceal the damage of my late night out, and ultra healthy breakfast over an ultra spicy Khao Tom soup to sweat away the many bottles of Champagne I had. After that I was ready to start my day and master the arts of Traditional Thai Cooking.

FullSizeRender-272-1024x768Off I went to the adventure onboard one of the private barges, that would transport me across the Chao Phraya River to The Oriental Thai Cooking School by the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, and to my master of the morning, Chef Narain Kiattiyotcharoen. The dishes, or better I should say the challenge, of the day were: Banana in Coconut Sauce, Steamed Leaf-wrapped prawns with spicy sauce, Green Curry with Chicken and Stir-fried squid with salted egg yolk.

Mastering all these four traditional four dishes would grant me the official certificate of Hands-on Cooking Course – Class II. Now the most daunting part of these all, was being announced that at the end of the class, we would have to eat our own cooking, hosted on a formal lunch at their lovely traditional Thai restaurant Sala Rim Naam… so the pressure was on – and my own health at risk, ha ha ha… But I trusted my Chef blindly.

At their renowned Thai Cookery School people from all over the world have learnt the art of preparing fine Thai cuisine. All participants will learn how to create stunning Thai meals whilst gaining insights into the fascinating culture and traditions of Thailand. During your class, your instructor will skilfully demonstrate the methods and steps of Thai cookery from ingredient preparation to cooking. Class participants will be encouraged to try grounding pastes, chopping up meat and vegetables, stir-frying, deep-frying and stewing food to create dishes of the highest quality and flavour.

Carlos Melia - ThailandFunny enough, our Chef, preferred to begin the menu by the dessert, so off we went to learn and later prepare the first (or should I say last) dish of our traditional Thai menu – Banana in Coconut Sauce. And in between we sampled some, very cute, amuse-bouche. It all looked so simple and easy, but when you start analyzing the amount and local ingredients that Thai cuisine includes, you pray to either, have a staff behind you like Chef Narain Kiattiyotcharoen did, and/or the Mise-en-place correctly done.

Next course, I must say was one of my favorites, and I found it to be quite simple to replicate and enjoyable to prepare. Steamed leaf-wrapped Prawns with Spicy Sauce. And he took some time to teach us the many secrets amd myth around Chili.

Next, a true classic, that almost everyone loves, Green Curry with Chicken. I have sworn to myself and the Gods, that one day before I die, I WILL COOK this dish at home. I promise. Of course, instead of calling the local Thai Restaurant delivery around my corner.

And last was the Stir-Fried Squid with salted Egg Yolk. I think at this point I was so overwhelmed, with my lack of cooking skills, that I decided to put my camera down and listen carefully, ha ha ha … because I do not have a single photo of this last dish at all. SORRY. !!!!!

Such an amazing way to begin my morning and second day in Bangkok. A different approach to learn about this amazing and intriguing culture and country, through the senses and their cuisine. You can book these Cooking Classes regardless being a guest at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, calling this number +66 (2) 659 9000. Have fun and may the Cooking Force be with you.

By Carlos Melia – Full Story at the Carlos Melia Blog

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