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Published Date Author: , October 31st, 2015


Bangkok is hot right now, and not just literally. Thailand’s bustling metropolis capital, fresh out of its monsoon season, has made itself one of the most welcoming and attractive destinations to the LGBT community in all of Asia. Bangkok will be the first of three regions highlighted in Instinct’s new series on gay travel in Thailand, which focuses on five of my favorite personally tested spots in a few select regions of the gorgeous, welcoming country.

What better way to start your visit to Bangkok – and, likely, Thailand in general – than with a day trip (or half day trip) to nearby Ayutthaya, a bustling city that served as the country’s capital prior to Bangkok. Countless tour companies offer excursions from Bangkok to Ayutthaya (roughly an hour and a half) to tour some of the most incredible Buddhist temple ruins in Southeast Asia, but Ayutthaya Ruins is highly recommended.

After a central pick up in Bangkok, guests are transported by road to Ayutthaya, a journey that allows guides to provide context and backstory to the destination as well as a brief glimpse of Thailand’s history. Once in the former capital, the tour stops at three of the most impressive sites in the massive splay of ruins, where guests are allowed to explore, mouths probably agape the entire time. A river boat is hired for the return to Bangkok, where we enjoyed an incredible traditional Thai lunch while marveling at the colorful diversity of architecture, temples, mansions, government facilities and more along the Chao Phraya River.

By Jonathan Higbee – Full Story at Instinct | Thailand Gay Travel Resources

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