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Published Date Author: , September 25th, 2015

San Miguel de Allende

When planning my trip to San Miguel de Allende, I did quite some research on the best way to travel there. San Miguel de Allende sits at an altitude of 6,435 feet above sea level. Located in Central Mexico, it is roughly three hours away from Mexico City. Guests may fly to Mexico City, Queretaro Airport or the Guanajuato-Leon Airport.

Queretaro Airport has direct flights from Houston through United and Aeromar. It is an hour-drive away. Guanajuato-Leon Airport has direct flights from Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, San Jose and Oakland (California), and Mexico City, and is served by American Airlines, United and Aeromexico. It is a scenic one-and-a-half-hour drive away.

My choice was to fly to Mexico City and onwards. Mexico City Airport is served by most major airlines including Aeromexico, KLM, US Airways, Air Canada, United and Alitalia. The airport is roughly a three-hour drive away.

Once in Mexico City, where BTW I strongly recommend spending at least two nights at the beginning or end of your trip, you have the option to either rent-a-car and drive yourself, or take one of the many luxury bus services available, linking Mexico City from Mexico Norte Bus Terminal, to San Miguel de Allende in approximately three hours, mind traffic. Private cars, each way, go for approx. USD 250. For the luxury buses, the round trip is approx. USD 58.

For the bus companies I recommend are Primera Plus and ETN. The last one has a more polished service. Due to the connection with my United flights, I chose Primera Plus. Tickets on both cases can be purchased online. Seats are very comfortable. Upon boarding you will be handed a bag with some snacks and non-alcoholic beverage of your choice. Each seat has a private LCD screen with at least 20 options of movies, more so music and games. The units look super clean. WIFI is available but very slow and sporadic. Departure was on time.

Mexico Norte Bus Station is located approx. 15 minutes away from the International Airport (mind the traffic). San Miguel de Allende Bus Station is located 10 minutes away from most hotels and resorts.

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Roberto Fredericks said on September 26, 2015, 5:17 pm:

Volaris, the Mexican LLC Volaris flies to and from Oakland and San Jose from Leon.

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