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As a lot of us are taking off for summer travel, we always need to remember to be very cautious and safe. That includes not only our person but our valuables, laptops, cell phones and most of all our money and credit cards. Having anything stolen while traveling can be a near total loss of your trip.

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Airlines keep losing luggage and we read so many articles about the baggage handlers who are very unscrupulous. For the life of us we cannot understand not being able to lock your checked luggage because anyone can open it up and put anything in it, and then YOU are the one that gets the blame. And, in addition dozens of people can open your luggage and take anything out.

When you arrive at a hotel and especially a large hotel, many times you get there before you can actually check into your room so you are forced to let them put your luggage in separate room with dozens of other luggage and since your luggage is not locked, again, you can only take your chances that nothing will be taken.

We have heard horror stories from readers who have had things stolen from their hotel/motel rooms by the staff. After checking in the room, we always put our laptop and other valuables and put them in a locked suitcase. We often go so far as to use a bicycle chain lock and lock two suitcases together.

Cash and credit cards are always a concern when traveling. A lost or stolen credit card or debit card can be horrendous. We generally use just one credit card when traveling, however we always take a couple of extras that are not in our wallet just in case there is a problem.

Since we do travel a lot, our credit card companies know our agenda however if you only travel once in a while it is best to give your credit card company a call and let them know where you are going. Always write down your credit card and debit card number (in your own secret code) and the 800 number to call immediately. Find out in advance about where you can get money from an ATM machine where you do not have to pay a fee. Those fees can add up.

One thing that we just will NOT do when checking into any kind of accommodations is to let them make a copy of our drivers’s license. More and more accommodations are asking to do that. They already have your name, address, telephone number and then they want to make a copy of your driver’s license? No way! Talk about a major problem just waiting to happen! While most staff members are very honest people, it just takes one to ruin your credit with fraud! Next thing you know, you are having someone that you never head of that is opening a new credit card account in your name, If you do have a problem like that when you check in, ask to speak to the Manager. We have done that several times and they always, say, “just for you we will make an exception”. Call your credit card company and ask them about that subject and also call your Driver’s license department in the State where you live and they will tell you not to let anyone make a duplicate of your driver’s license.

Credit card scams are getting so dangerous that we no longer give our credit card to our server in a restaurant. We go to the cashier ourselves and pay, with our credit card in hand. There are hundreds of national articles telling about unscrupulous servers that know how to make new cards in just seconds so we are just over cautious whenever we use our credit card. When we go to a bar we always pay cash for our drinks, however some like to use their credit card. If you are going to have several drinks, they have you give your credit card to the bartender and they put it by the cash register. We have seen a great many credit cards stacked up and more than once they make a mistake and give your credit card to somebody else.

Have fun when traveling but always, and we do mean ALWAYS be on the alert.

Don and RayAlways remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone!

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