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Published Date Author: , July 11th, 2015

Gay Fort Lauderdale TravelThis is a trip of firsts. It’s my first time in Fort Lauderdale, my first mass wedding, my first time toasting nuptials at 8 in the morning, and my first time welcoming the day with Lance Bass. Yet something about Fort Lauderdale feels familiar.

I’ve traveled to several cities since I was a kid, but as an adult I turned my attention away from Disney and Gulf of Mexico beaches. Miami and Key West seemed the best option for a lesbian on the loose in the tropics. But I kept hearing about Fort Lauderdale. That it had more LGBT offerings than anywhere in Florida, and as the seat of liberal Broward County, it’s the most out-and-proud of the Sunshine State’s mixed political landscape. Plus the city recently rolled out a tourism campaign to welcome transgender travelers, a first in the United States. The more attention I paid, the more intriguing the city became.

Then on January 6th, 2015, marriage equality came to Florida. True to the reputation I’d been hearing about, Fort Lauderdale was planning to celebrate the new love law with flair, and I soon found myself headed there to attend a sunrise wedding on the beach for 100 happy couples, including Mr. *NSYNC himself.

By Kelsy Chauvin – Full Story at Passport | Fort Lauderdale Gay Travel Resources

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