Washington DC as a Culinary Capitol

Published Date Author: , May 8th, 2015

Zentan, Washington DCThankfully, one conversation in town that all political parties can agree on is that the nation’s capital has been transformed into a deliciously diverse draw for gourmands of all stripes.

“When I arrived here from New York in 2002, the story was fine-dining, corporate chains, and big boxes,” says Brooklyn-born Jamie Leeds, chef-owner of the highly acclaimed Hank’s Oyster Bar. “There were few home-spun eateries, and not a single neighborhood seafood restaurant.”

That was then. In the years since, Leeds and her peers have completely reinvented the culinary scene, not just at the neighborhood level, but in ways as deeply layered as Washington itself.

Championed by chefs, restaurateurs, hotels, relief organizations, and other stakeholders, it’s a culinary love fest founded on D.C. essentials such as advocacy, fundraising and community-building. Animated by passion, commitment, caring, and true esprit de cuisine, the result is positive change at the human level, both in terms of elevating the city’s gastronomic appeal–the cuisine and cocktails are sensational, attracting eager patronage from locals and visitors alike–and in the deeper vein of transforming neighborhoods while supporting and even saving lives. In D.C., food truly comforts.

By Jeff Heilman – Full Story at Passport | Passport Gay Travel Resources

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