The Apple Watch for Travelers

Published Date Author: , April 26th, 2015

Apple Watch

With Apple Watch shipping to consumers later this month (April 24th, to be exact), it’s fair to say that the smartwatch revolution is officially underway. Even in Apple’s promotional keynote, it leaned heavily on travel-related examples to prove the product’s value. Many have questioned whether or not you truly need wearable tech like this — particularly if you’re already a savvy smartphone user — but there are indeed useful amenities that make it worth considering for road warriors and leisure travelers alike.

Of course, the Apple Watch starts at $349, placing it well outside of impulse buy territory. And at launch, limitations do still exist. First and foremost, it’s not a standalone product — it’s meant to be paired with, not replace, your smartphone (at least for now.) Moreover, you’ll have to bring a charger along for anything more involved than a day trip, since the battery won’t get you beyond the 24-hour mark.

Still, the groundwork here is impressive. It might not be perfect right now, and apps are still limited, but developers everywhere are working overtime to publish Watch functionality. And we’re guessing it won’t be long before foreign language dictionaries will speak aloud for you in a restaurant and hotel room doors unlock as you approach — without you having to dig around in your pockets and take out your phone.

By Darren Murph – Full Story at Shermans Travel

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