Tango Diva: Going Solo in Dubai

Published Date Author: , April 5th, 2015

Dubai - Photo by Elizabeth Lavin

Innovation and creation are the buzzwords in Dubai: if you can dream it, someone can make it happen. Need more land? Build a huge island shaped as a palm tree that can be seen from space. Love the water? Rocket up and down waterslides at the oasis-themed Wild Wadi Waterpark. Miss the snow? Don’t worry, there’s an indoor ski resort, or snap up one of the apartments at the ice-themed residential community known as the ‘Snowdome’ (complete with indoor mountain range).

Seated on the Persian Gulf, Dubai is one of seven countries that comprise the United Arab Emirates. The Al-Maktoum family, producing the sheikhs who rule Dubai, have demonstrated incredible foresight in developing Dubai as a multi-faceted city with much more than oil to boast (oil now represents only a small percentage of the country’s overall revenue). Thanks to its international population, Dubai is an inspiring example of Middle-East cultural tolerance and harmony. While strolling down the marbled-lined halls of the opulent and prolific shopping malls, you can find white-robed Emirati men with red-checkered headdresses, as well as Western fashionistas in Prada and Manolos, all shopping and strolling in harmony. Solo women can feel equally comfortable in anything from chic capri-and-stiletto ensemble to head-to-toe traditional black coverings, or an elegant sari. Anything goes in Dubai!

By Teresa Rodriguez – Full Story at Tango Diva

Photo by Elizabeth Lavin

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