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Published Date Author: , April 13th, 2015

Dolly and Frank - Eiffel TowerHello, Everyone,

Yes, indeed. We had three lovely days in Paris. Today turned chilly and rainy again. We contented ourselves with shopping for our dinner. What fun I had. I went to the butcher shop for chicken, then to the vegetable market for ingredients for a chicken stew. Of course I had to go to the wine shop for wine to go into the stew, as well as wine to go into us, with our dinner…on to the boulangerie for our baguette.

The one vegetable I just could not believe was celery. The heads of celery were huge…they were all at least eighteen inches tall. I was not discouraged, though. I went into the supermarket and they sold celery by the piece.

Our stew turned out very good, with chicken and all sorts of vegetables, and our fresh bread and wine.

Yesterday, we had dinner on the first level of the Eiffel Tower. I had made reservations some time ago, from home, so we had priority seating: a window seat overlooking the river and the Trocadero across the river.

What a fabulous meal. For an appetizer, Frank got the most delicious mushroom soup I have ever tasted. (Yes..I did have to try a sip.). I had giant shrimp with avocado and tiny bits of pink grapefruit. We both ordered the rack of lamb for our main dish. Of course, we had wine with the meal, too. The waiter was very attentive, and refilled our glasses before we had a chance to ask for a refill. Our dessert was this fabulous profiterole. I have always had profiteroles as little cream puffs with ice cream or a cream filling and a chocolate sauce.

Finally, after our dessert and a coffee, we left the restaurant and walked around that level of the tower. It was getting windy and chilly by that time, but we were able to take in the view from all sides of the tower. At 9:00, there were twinkling lights all over the tower, for about ten minutes.

We made our way home, walking off the calories of a wonderful meal, and knowing we had just experienced a once-in-lifetime event.

So, we were not too sad today, that we didn’t have another adventure. Last night was definitely an evening to remember.

I will say, “Bon nuit” now and head for bed.

You will hear from me again soon, I know.

Au Revoir,

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