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Published Date Author: , April 3rd, 2015

Dolly - ParisGood evening, friends and family,

I simply must write to let everyone know that Frank and I arrived safely in Paris this morning. We left Sacramento at noon yesterday, flew to San Francisco, then flew directly to Paris, arriving here at 10:30 this morning. Fortunately, we had first class seats, so our meals and drinks were very good, and plentiful. I loved that I could actually lay flat to sleep, although I didn’t sleep very much. We had a good flight, but what a weather change, coming from California and our lovely 80 degree days, to a very windy and chilly 53 degrees here in Paris this morning.

We took a bus from the airport to the Opera district in Paris, then a taxi to our apartment here on Rue Cler. The owner of the apartment was here to greet us, and even gave us a lovely bottle of wine to enjoy during our stay.

I have told you before, but I must say this again: Rue Cler is our favorite street in all of Paris, because of the shops and the cafes all along this little two block long street. Once the landlord left, Frank and I looked over the apartment and found it to be quite suitable for our month-long stay. The apartment is small, though.

There is one bedroom, with a queen size bed. There is room for a tiny end table next to the bed. Then there is a small bathroom, a rather small living area/dining area combined, a tiny kitchen, with a two-burner stove top, a microwave and an electric oven. Overall, I think it is just a bit larger than the garret Mimi lived in, in “La Boheme”. But we don’t care….we are in the location we wanted, there is an elevator that works, and we are happy.

After we checked everything out, and found the apartment to be very clean and well-stocked, we went for a walk, although the wind was quite chilly and brisk.

We walked down Rue Cler, past the boulangerie, past the wine shops (3 within the first block), past the fromagerie, where there were so many cheeses I had no idea where to start looking. The shop attendant also gave us samples so we could buy what we liked.

The fresh fruits and vegetables in the sidewalk markets were so tempting. White asparagus is in season now, so you can be sure I will be fixing some of that very soon.

Eventually, we returned to our street, picked up the necessary items to go with our wine that our landlord had given us, and spent the evening here at our new little home. (I should have said “tiny” home.). But we are both tired, both in need of a nice warm shower or tub soak, and early to bed.

Tomorrow we will be ready to explore even further afield. So I will say, Adieu, Au revoir, until next time.


By Dolly Goolsby – Full Story at Dolly Travels | Paris Gay Travel Resources

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