Dolly Travels – A Rainy Day in Paris

Published Date Author: , April 8th, 2015

Dolly in ParisGood evening,

Or I should say, “Bonsoir”. As I told our waiter in the restaurant this evening, I am learning the French language one word at a time. Most of the people we have encountered here have been very friendly and most speak English…thank goodness, and all have been patient with me searching my brain for the correct word.

I think I might have to make a cheat sheet and stick that in my purse, so I will have a handy reference at my fingertips. I am not trying for long sentences, but I do want to remember to use the “magic words”: pleas, thank you, excuse me, I am sorry, and the proper words to address someone.

Today was cold and drizzly rain for most of the day.

I could not help but compare our weather here with the weather in Roseville. But I am in Paris, so I will not complain.

We had bought a few groceries, so we were able to have some yogurt, juice and coffee for breakfast in the apartment before we ventured out. Because of the rain, we did not go sight-seeing today. We went out for lunch, then returned to the apartment and never went out again until this evening.

Once we returned to the apartment, I took a nice long, well-needed nap. By the time I got ready to go out again the rain had stopped, and the temperature outside was actually warmer than it had been this afternoon.

We walked several blocks to one of our favorite restaurants for a light dinner….we ate a light dinner so that we could have desserts.

After dinner, we walked down toward the Eiffel Tower. The tower is so beautiful, with the lights on at night.

We walked some more, down to the Invalides, which is where Napoleon is buried. That dome was lighted, also, and again, it is hard to capture the beauty of these places. However, I have the images burned into my mind.

Eventually we returned back to our neighborhood, our street, Rue Cler. Not a minute too soon, either, as it started raining again when we were a couple blocks from home.

I love that we are here for a month…we do not feel pressured to see everything, do everything this week. We will just take our time, savor the coffees, and the pastry shops.

I will just continue doing what we enjoy here in Paris, and venture further away from our neighborhood as weather permits.

We miss our families and friends, of course, but both Frank and I are happy to be here, in the City of Lights, the City of Love.

Until next time,

Au revoir.


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