Featured Gay Friendly Accommodations: B&B Il Gelso, Monteroni di Lecce, Apulia, Italy

Author: , April 30th, 2015

B&B Il Gelso

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay.

Quiet House in the Countryside. Animals-Fruit: A large villa in a 5000 mq park and a separate small building with four double rooms in the park. Pinewood, fruit trees, quite environment.

See the B&B Il Gelso Expanded Listing on Purple Roofs Here

Gay Friendly Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, and Vacation Rentals in Apulia

Gay Philadelphia Like a Local

Author: , April 30th, 2015

Jim WernerFagabond.com founder Jim Werner gives us a tour of the gayborhoods of Philadelphia – birthplace of America.

I’ve lived here since… I was born 34 years ago! I stayed because it’s home. And it’s an inspiring city. I mean, America was born here, and that independent streak runs deep. You just feel it and it keeps you here.

My favorite queer bar has to be… Bob & Barbara’s. It’s actually not a gay bar. It’s more of a bar with gay tendencies. Technically, it’s a dive bar with a racially diverse, gay and straight crowd. And I love it. As a bonus they have amateur drag – plus the City Special, $3 PBR and a shot of whiskey – every Thursday night. What’s not to love?

For date night, I head to… depends of the mood. Low-key? I take my man to Tacconelli’s Pizzeria, located just a few blocks from where I grew up. You go for three reasons: pizza (that’s all they do), charm (the servers embody the unmistakable but harmless neighborhood attitude) and booze (you bring your own!). This dining tradition is quintessentially Philadelphian.

By Jim Werner – Full Story at Gay Star News | Philadelphia Gay Travel Resources

Which Croatian Island is for You?

Author: , April 30th, 2015

Image via DiscoverDubrovnik.coim

Croatia consists of over 1,000 islands, most of them paradises in their own way. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much impossible to hop to each of them in one trip, or perhaps even a lifetime. Here, we’ve decided to help you figure out which Adriatic island is perfect for you.

For Adventurers: Brac

Situated just off the coast of Split, Brac is the proud home of the highest point in the Adriatic, Vidova Gora (2,550 feet), as well as Croatia’s most popular windsurfing spot along Zlatni Rat (also the country’s most photographed beach). Other than ascending mountains and riding waves, hiking the trails that remained unharmed during the Yugoslav war is a popular activity here. At Zlatni Rat, there’s pretty everything adventurers can ask for — scuba, kayak, parasail, and just about anything involving a jet ski.

For Foodies:Vis

Before 1989, Vis was a Yugoslav naval base and no-go zone for foreigners. Since then, it’s transformed into a foodie haven, serving up decadent Dalmatian delicacies with a side of unspoiled scenery. We especially enjoy fresh fisheries like Pojoda, which offers the likes of old-world stews from grandma’s recipe and an anchovy pasty. Better still, the island’s loaded with vineyards crafting organic Vugava and Mali Plavac, too.

By Tommy Burson – Full Story at Shermans Travel | Croatia Gay Travel Resources

Image via DiscoverDubrovnik.coim

Second Day in Palm Springs

Author: , April 30th, 2015

Palm Springs - photo by Ken WilliamsPalm Springs, California has been a popular getaway for movies stars since the golden era of Hollywood. And what better way to learn about the desert playground’s glamorous past than by taking a “Gay Icons Tour” led by gay guide Bob Gross in an open red Jeep as part of the Desert Adventures Eco-Tours & Events.

Bob is affable and attentive as he shifts gears and chats on his mike with our party of four. If you want to take a photograph or a brief video, he will let you. Just ask. We were especially fascinated by the former homes of Liberace and Marilyn Monroe, and he pulled over and let us do our thing.

The Liberace house was a mid-century modern classic with a mailbox shaped like a grand piano and white marble statues of humans and lions. Then there was another home which Liberace owned, on the corner of Alejo and Belardo, where the flamboyant entertainer once hosted lavish party for his European boys and where he died.

By Ken Williams – Full Story at SDGLN | Palm Springs Gay Travel Resources

Image by Ken Williams

Nomadic Boys – Discover Phnom Penh’s Gay Scene With a Local

Author: , April 29th, 2015

Stefan - Nomadic BoysIn Phnom Penh we met local gay boy, Aaron, who we travelled around Cambodia with. Aaron spent his childhood living on the streets of Phnom Penh for 8 years until he managed to develop a better life for himself and his family. As well as learning about the gay scene of Phnom Penh with him, we were also really touched and humbled by his story.

#01 Soustei Aaron, where are you from and what do you do?

Hi boys. My name is Darun Un, nickname, Aaron. I’m 27 years old, originally from Sihanoukville city. I am a drag show performer and manage the shows at the 2 Colours gay bar in Phnom Penh.

Full Story at the Nomadic Boys | Thailand Gay Travel Resources

On Lesbian Solo Travel

Author: , April 29th, 2015

Dani at Globetrotter Girls

Be warned, this is a bit of a rant…

Whenever I travel with another girl and a guy tries to chat me / us up, all I have to say is ‘I’m gay.’ Or ‘She’s my girlfriend.’ Or ‘We’re together.‘ And I’m being left alone. As simple as that.

Traveling solo, however, is a completely different story. Whenever I tell a dude I’m gay, I get responses like:

‘I don’t believe you.’

‘No, you’re not a lesbian!’

‘Are you sure you’re a lesbian?!’

And my favorite one, which I am sure every lesbian on the planet has heard at least once in her life:

‘Maybe you just haven’t found the right guy yet.’

Excuse me for a minute, I have to go throw up.

By Dani – Full Story at Globetrotter Girls

Surprise Musical

Author: , April 28th, 2015

With its numerous Tony Award nominations and a script based off a popular book, the Surprise Musical http://glynnhouse.com/events Palace Theatrecontinues to enchant audiences all around the world. Throughout the musical the storyline, will have you captivated, dangling from the edge of your seats and in the heart of its protagonist. Plan on a great evening of entertainment at the nearby Palace Theatre May 8 – 10.

The romantic Glynn House Inn – situated in the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountains and Lakes Region – offers guests and exceptional experience. A full gluten free breakfast menu is always available. Bring your four-footed canine pal on holiday and reserve one of five pet friendly rooms. Venture away from the Inn and enjoy antiquing, art galleries, boating, fine dining, fishing, golf, hiking, historic sites, skiing, snowmobiling, “tax free” shopping and scenic drives along tranquil country roads. Visit the Glynn House website http://www.glynnhouse.com for additional information about the Inn and local activities.

Breakaway Backpacker – Hiking The W in Torres del Paine National Park.

Author: , April 27th, 2015

Jaime DavilaI have been avoiding this post since I finished doing “The W” way back in early February because since then I honestly had no clue how I was going to write about it. You know sometimes you experience things and you just don’t know how to share them with others? It’s an experience so profound that it changes you in a way you never thought something could. This was one of those experiences for me.

The funny thing is that I had the tittle of the post, but no clue what I was going to write. From the start I knew I wanted to share what it was really like to hike “The W”, because after a lot of searching online I didn’t find much. After thinking long and hard about it I figured the best thing way to share what it’s really like on the trail was for me to share my journal entries directly as they are. I spent each night in my tent or in the kitchen or somewhere writing my thoughts and feelings of each day in my journal. After reading my journal entries, something I never do after I am done writing them I felt that this is what really captures what it’s really like to hike “The W” and am sharing them here.

This is a piece of me… my thoughts, my feelings… the good, the bad and all in between that come with disconnecting from the online world and doing a 75km+ (47 miles) hike on a trail that makes the shape of a W through the span of 5 day through Torres del Paine National Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

By Jaime Davila – Full Story at Breakway Backpacker | Chile Gay Travel Resources

Globetrotter Girls – My Short Love Affair With Tel Aviv

Author: , April 27th, 2015

Tel Aviv - Dany, Globetrotter Girls

My love affair with Tel Aviv was short, yet passionate. It was like the perfect summer fling; an intense few days – intense because you know it will come to an end soon and you want to savor every precious moment to the max.

However, when I arrived in Tel Aviv, I didn’t think I would end up leaving this city with a heavy heart. I like pretty cities – when a city is obviously beautiful like Antigua, Paris or Buenos Aires, I tend to fall in love quickly. With cities that aren’t as pretty at first sight, like Berlin or Bangkok, it usually takes me a while.

Tel Aviv belonged to the second category, visually not especially appealing at first, even feeling a little gritty in some parts.jaffa doorsIt took me a few days of wandering the streets, but then, completely unexpected, the city put a spell on me and grabbed me hard, pulled me into its fascinating mix of old-fashioned markets and trendy coffee shops, coexisting cultures of trendy hipsters, Jewish families and Arab Muslims; a city with a delicious food scene, buzzing nightlife and gorgeous beaches right at your doorstep.

By Dany – Full Story at Globetrotter Girls | Israel Gay Travel Resources

Globetrotter Girls – Bangkok’s Concrete Jungle

Author: , April 26th, 2015

Bangkok - Globetrotter Girls

I noticed that despite having spent several weeks in Bangkok over the past few months (when I add up the days of my various stays, including the involuntarily longer one), it has never been featured as a Polaroid Of The Week!

I’ve also noticed the city’s slogan City Of Life for the first time on my last visit, and thought that while it wasn’t very creative, it’s definitely true… Bangkok just feels incredibly alive and buzzing with life at any time of day.

And since it’s my last stop in Thailand before my return to Hong Kong, I figured I should give Bangkok a shout-out – I’ve been having a great time every time I visited this year (excluded are visits to the German Embassy) and have grown to like the city much more than I used to.

By Dany – Full Story at Globetrotter Girls | Thailand Gay Travel Resources