My Year in Travel: The Best Places for Gay Holidays

Published Date Author: , February 7th, 2015

Scotland - Adam Groffman

Sorry for the radio silence here, but after having returned home to the USA for the holidays, I’ve had a lot of time to think and to reflect — mostly about the past year and a bit about the future. And in making some of my plans for 2015, I’ve thought a lot about the past year. Namely the fact that it’s probably been my gayest year ever. Is that even a thing? Who knows. I don’t care. But I feel like this was an important year for gay rights, and also for my own interest in gay travel.

Gay travel?!

Yeah, that topic again. Travel is travel, yes. But this year I’ve also realized just how many of my own trips and experiences are almost certainly chosen because of my own sexual preference. Where I’ve traveled to isn’t necessarily anything to do with the fact that I’m gay, I guess, but these are the places that I’ve found that are actually great for other gay travelers like myself–either solo or for gay couples. I never thought I’d be the guy who ended up going to (and actually enjoying!) stereotypically gay destinations, but hey, here I am. Over the past year, I’ve just realized that I like to travel to places where other gay travelers tend to migrate to. I’m all for venturing out to further places, but every now and then, I just need a gay holiday…



Scotland may be cold and often wet, but it’s also got one of Europe’s best scenic countrysides. Scotland recently legalized gay marriage so I was pretty excited to spend last New Year’s Eve celebrating in Edinburgh, just as the topic had started to make big news in the country. From what I could find, Edinburgh didn’t seem to have much of an established gay scene. I didn’t even go to a single gay bar while there, but the city’s impressive arts and cultural scene sated my interests. And gay-owned companies like Black Kilt Tours offer private tours and itinerary suggestions to make trips just a bit more special.

This article was written by Adam Groffman, author of the internationally popular travel blog, Travels of Adam. Read more here: My Year in Travel: The Best Places for Gay Holidays.

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