Travel for Food – The Importance of Food in Tourism

Published Date Author: , February 13th, 2015

Mexican Food in BerlinLet’s talk about food. It’s pretty much my favorite thing in the world (that’s like only a 20% exaggeration). Over the years, I’ve noticed my passions and my interest transition from other things like bands and music to food and restaurants. I’d rather save up 30[euro] to try a new restaurant than I would to go see a band. I’m not sure how or why the transition took place, but it has. And, though it was always a reason why I travel, food has become one of the most important. So much so, it seems, that I traveled to Poland last weekend just to eat some pierogies. The things we do.

Increasingly, I’ve found food to be one of the deciding factors when choosing a new place to visit. It’s probably why I find myself returning to Italy at least once per year. But food isn’t just the reason why I might travel somewhere, it’s also the only souvenir I bring back, and it’s the taste and the smell that always brings me back even when I’m long gone. That’s what happened the other weekend. A series of events which all triggered specific travel memories, thanks to the food I ate. And like any good story, this one starts with a burrito.

Berlin and the Burrito Craze

Naturally, when I decided to move to Berlin, my biggest concern was to do with the food. Well, the language too — but I figured I’d always find a way to get over that hurdle. German food was always mildly interesting to me — Sausage, yumm. Potatoes, yumm. — but that was about all I knew. I learned later that there’s much more to German food, but it doesn’t matter much here…I’m still stuck with the oh-so-American burrito addiction. I just can’t get enough of them.

This article was written by Adam Groffman, author of the internationally popular travel blog, Travels of Adam. Read more here: Travel for Food – The Importance of Food in Tourism.

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