Venere Travel Map Ranks Safety Risks for LGBT Travelers

Published Date Author: , January 22nd, 2015

Venere Gay Travel Map

Openly gay visitors are being made far from welcome in many up-and-coming holiday destinations, including Morocco – where in 2015, tourists still risk imprisonment. While some nations become more accepting, others remain stubborn in their traditional views, so it is important that potential visitors know where they stand.

For this reason, has created an online map by taking all the information regarding attitudes toward LGBTQ people in different places around the world – giving each nation a score.

Nations that accept non-hetero-sexual people are shown in green, while those that and have hostile laws and attitudes are shown in red.

It’s a novel approach to a serious problem and one that has troubled the LGBTQ community for decades.

By Anna Lia Gerardi – Full Story at Venere Travel

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