Hanging Out With Denver’s Gay Cowboys

Published Date Author: , August 12th, 2014

Denver Gay TravelTo be fair, there was no hay-rolling. There was, however, some thigh-slappin’ and ally-ooping after meeting the adorable Kevin. Kevin is a real-life cowboy, part of the growing LGBT international rodeo movement and resident of Denver, where gay rodeos have a presence at least four times a year.

Gay rodeos are getting popular in the US, and in the summer are a welcome tradition that is changing the Americans’ attitude towards LGBTI people. Depending on the event, gay and straight cowboys ride horses and chase cows, sometimes in fancy dresses and wigs. It’s fun and pints of beer under the sun.

You won’t be dissapointed with Denver’s LGBTI life. The Denver Wrangler, ‘where real men go to drink’, was a memorable spot, a sports bar with loads of fun and sometimes you can meet real cowboys.

By Daniele Guido Gessa – Full Story at Gay Star News | Denver Gay Travel Resources

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