1964 The Tribute – Aug 8th

Author: , July 30th, 2014

Since the early 80’s, “1964”…The Tribute has been thrilling audiences all over the globe with whatGreat Waters Music Festival Rolling Stone Magazine has called the “Best Beatles Tribute on Earth ”. “1964” …The Tributehttp://www.glynnhouse.com/calendar/#august_2014 takes their audiences on a musical journey to an era in rock history that will live in all of our hearts forever. They are hailed by critics and fans alike as the most authentic and endearing Beatles tribute in the world.

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Alan Jackson – Aug 7th

Author: , July 30th, 2014

Momentum: you can’t beat it, and Alan Jackson’s Meadowbrook NH Pavilionhttp://www.glynnhouse.com/calendar/#august_2014 still got it. He’s sold more than 50 million albums and had 31 number one hits. Don’t miss this great American country musician. 

Stay at the romanticGlynn House Inn during your New Hampshire winter getaway and experience elegant surroundings, delicious food, uncompromising service and genuine hospitality. A full gluten free breakfast menu is always available. Don’t leave your four-footed canine pal at home. Reserve one of five pet friendly rooms. View the Glynn House www.glynnhouse.com/ website for additional information about the Inn and local activities.


Featured Gay Friendly Accommodations: Mountain Air Cabins, Ruidoso, New Mexico

Author: , July 30th, 2014

Mountain Air Cabins - Ruidoso, New MexicoPeriodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay.

Beautiful Cabins in the Hundred Foot Pines: These are seperate private accomodations in the upper canyon of beautifull Ruidoso, But only a few min. from town. Enjoy a comfortable stay where you can be yourself and enjoy nature. right across the street from the river. Ruidoso is also a great place to ski.

See the Mountain Air Cabins Expanded Listing on Purple Roofs Here

Gay Friendly Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, and Vacation Rentals in Southeastern New Mexico

An Australian Holiday for Grown-Ups

Author: , July 30th, 2014

Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia - Gareth JohnsonIt’s not that I judge a place solely on whether or not they have good Wi-Fi, but let’s be honest, it is a pretty important factor. According to recent analysis, Australia’s broadband speeds are a little bit slower than Romania, and based on my experiences of tropical far north Queensland, I’d have to agree.

I was so happy to check into the Palm Cove Tropic Apartments and find that not only do they have Wi-Fi that works, but it is available in every apartment. Trust me, that’s really not that common around here.

Wi-Fi sorted and emails quickly checked, it was time to explore the small coastal holiday community of Palm Cove. Wow.

By Gareth Johnson – Full Story at Gay Star News | Queensland Gay Travel Resources

Image by Gareth Johnson

Eating Out: Istanbul

Author: , July 30th, 2014

Istanbul, TurkeyWith culinary influences extending from Central Asia clear through the Caucasus to the Mediterranean, the food in Turkey is justifiably world-famous. At the heart of the Sultanahmet district in Istanbul, however, you’re much more likely to find overpriced and under-spiced versions of Turkish favorites than anything else. For a more authentic and delicious experience, head a bit further afield to some of our favorite spots in town:

Balik Ekmek ($2-$3)

Literally “fish bread,” these sandwiches feature a fresh-grilled fillet on top of a gardens’ worth of fresh veggies, wrapped together into a crusty bread loaf and topped with a touch of lemon sauce. They can be found at countless waterfront stalls along the Golden Horn and Bosphorus, but one of the best spots is in the small restaurants midway through the Karakoy Fish Market.

By Stephen Lioy – Full Story at Shermans Travel | Turkey Gay Travel Resources

Tuscan Hills and Hill Towns

Author: , July 30th, 2014

MontepulcianoGood morning, everyone,

I have a few minutes before class begins, so I will tell you more about hill towns. First, have I told you these towns are beautiful? Oh, yes, I do believe I have said that ad nauseum, but I can never get enough of the views from every angle.

Montepulciano is not as high elevation as I first thought. This hill town sits at about 2000 feet above sea level. We do get the nice mountain breezes and the spectacular lightning, thunder and 10 minute rains storms. During the day there are many tourists, but at night it is so very quiet. Only the church bells and our own bell ringer, Il Pulcinello, who is still one hour ahead of time.

Friday we took a field trip to another hill town nearby, Montalcino. This town is known for its Brunello di Montalcino wine, which is very good wine, but also very expensive, as it is, by necessity, only made in small batches and only in Montalcino.

Montalcino is smaller than Montepulciano, not so many tourists, as it is less accessible than our town. It is very beautiful, though.

On Sunday, early in the morning, I took a long (2-hour) walk through our town. Although it is a small town, there are so many little alleys (vicoli) that lead to even more interesting piazze, gardens, more steps, and lovely views. By the time I got back to our apartment (did I mention that the apartment is on the second floor, no elevator), I felt like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz: I needed an oil can for my knees!

Today, in class, imagine my surprise, we had a lesson on. “i paesi sulle colline”. Now my “Italiano compagni” will know that I really am going to school. For the rest of you, that means, “the little villages of the hills”.

DiagramThe instructor put this diagram on the board:

I hope you can see this. At the top is a diagram of the top streets of Montepulciano. Then, at the bottom are some hill towns nearby. These hill towns are very ancient Etruscan towns. The Etruscans were here long before the Romans, and studying that culture is very interesting. The Etruscans lived all over the areas that are now Toscano, Umbria and part of Lazio. They were quite an advanced society, and the caves under these hill towns now make excellent wine storage caves. We have gone into a few of these, connected with wine shops. Molto interessante!

Today we are getting another rain storm. This one seems to be going on longer than usual, but we are in class, so I don’t care, and it is not cold.

Now class is about to begin again, so I will say,

Ciao for now,


Tuscany Gay Travel Resources

Gay Sacramento: The Bars

Author: , July 30th, 2014

The gay bars in Sacramento are pretty much all clustered at the corner of 20th and K Streets in what’s called Lavender Heights – ok, it’s flat, but just go with it.

Here’s a run-down of the gay bars down in midtown Sacramento.


Faces Gay Bar, SacramentoFaces
2000 K Street

Here you’ll find Faces, the oldest gay bar in the city with three dance floors, on the southeastern corner.

Faces has been around for years and years, and, according to the folks on Yelp, there’s a very mixed crowd here, a cover of $10-20 depending on the time, and lots of straight bachelorette parties.

There’s even a pool here, though we’re not sure who’d wanna use a pool at a gay bar.

Faces has three dance floors.

Head Hunters Gay Bar, SacramentoHeadhunters
1930 K Street

Then there’s our favorite, Headhunters on the southwestern corner, with both a bar and restaurant (burgers, fries, etc).

Headhunters is a more laid-back bar – a great place to go with friends for a drink and some conversation.

Headhunters is also the new (last year or two) location for Drag Queen Bingo, held on the first Thursday of each month.

Get there early – it fills up quickly.

The Depot
2001 K. Street

Then there’s The Depot, on the northeastern corner, with music but no dance floors (though one is planned). The Depot also has pool tables and theme nights.

The Depot has a lesbian night on Fridays.

Badlands Gay Bar, SacramentoBadlands
2003 K St.

And there’s Badlands, adjacent and connected to The Depot, with a large dance floor and weekly events. Badlands has a drag night on Fridays.

2007 K Street

Next to the Depot and Badlands, up on the top floor, you’ll find Sidetrax – with a great drag show and competition ever Sunday night starting at 8 PM. Sidetrax also hosts a lesbian night on Thursdays, as well as other weekly events – check their website for details.

Mercantile Saloon
1928 L St, Sacramento

There’s also the Mercantile Saloon, more of a divey neighborhood bar with a reputation for strong drinks, a diverse crowd, and a lot of smokers out on the patio – it’s about a block south of the other bars in the right side of 20th.

If you want to sober up after a night at the bars, you’ll find a Peets Coffee at the far end of the Maars Building, just up the street at 20th and J.

Sacramento Gay Travel Resources

Gay Tel Aviv is wishing for peace

Author: , July 30th, 2014

Who would have thought, even only a month ago, that this is how summer of 2014 will look like? I still remember us dancing and laughing on Gay Pride Tel Aviv, walking down the streets and feeling the warm winds of summer arriving slowly to our sleepless, crazy, vivid Gay Tel Aviv city, with an optimistic promises for an unforgettable summer new experiences, and new friends.

It crazy how fast can our reality change into something completely different. Instead of thousands of tourists arriving from all over the world, filling the streets, the restaurants, the beaches ,the numerous hotels in Tel Aviv, and basically the entire city, we only see half packed venues, instead of hearing laughs we mostly hear crying, instead of peace and good neighboring, we’re in the middle of war.

This are one of the most difficult paradox in our lives – being in such a politically charged situation, surrounded by difficult neighbors, while trying to live our daily routine , as do all the rest of us in other countries, is even hard during calmer days, not to mention during times of war and vengeance. The feelings are mixed and you are torn between the bad news you hear on TV, the alarms you hear almost everyday, which send you right to the closest shelter and the weird vibe which is not familiar the the hedonist vibe of Gay Tel Aviv, and the inner force which makes you want to go on with your normal life, makes you want to go dancing, to tell your friends from abroad not to give on their Gay travel Israel plans, to go tanning at the beach and to let yourself escape from this hard reality.

At the moment, we’re still in the middle of this war, without knowing when and how it will end. It’s weird to even think about Gay Israel travel or to recommend on some of the new Gay friendly hotels in Tel Aviv which were recently opened, or even to deal with anything that has to do with friends and visitors from abroad. Let’s just pray for better days, hope that this too will end soon and things will, slowly go back to normal, and let’s all pray for peace in the Middle East!

Gay Tel Aviv

Gay Tel Aviv

The Complete World of Sports: Aug 5 – 9

Author: , July 28th, 2014

From the inimitable Reduced Shakespeare Company comes a no-holds-barred survey of sports that covers all the bases (even Barnstormersones you never heard of ), and goes the distance while moving the goalposts so many times all you can do is roll with the punches. Martin and Tichenor hit it out of the park with a full-court press slam-dunk winner. Don’t miss The Complete World of Sports http://glynnhouse.com/events.

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St. Petersburg Pride Held in Russia Despite City Denial

Author: , July 28th, 2014

russia pride event field of mars150 people gathered to attend an LGBTI pride event in a public park in Russia, despite being told by Russian authorities they should hold the event at a landfill site. The event was held yesterday (26 July) at the Field of Mars park in St Petersburg, a public park where federal law decrees such an event was allowed to be held.

The pride rally was organized by gay rights group Ravnopraviye (Equality), even though they were banned from marching, because of Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law.

The group had previously applied for a permit from city authorities to hold a pride march but were flatly refused.

By Liam Johnson – Full Story at Gay Star News | Other Gay Travel Events

Image via Queerussia