Why I Love Traveling for Festivals

Published Date Author: , June 28th, 2014


Tell me: do you love festivals? From multi-day music festivals to gay pride events, film festivals, cultural events and art shows — festivals are a pervasive part of the European summer experience. Whether you’re camping on-site or it’s happening downtown during daytime, Europe has more than a few festivals. Berlin (obviously one of my favorite European cities) hosts countless festivals during the summer.

And if you must visit, make sure you visit when there’s a festival on. Yes, the travel experience will be slightly different than on any other occasion. But there’s something special when traveling for festivals. The atmosphere is different, the people are friendlier, the destination somehow feels more alive, more energetic, more…fun.

I love traveling for festivals. Here’s why:

1. Something special is happening.

Every festival has that special hook to bring in visitors. Maybe it’s a food festival with a star chef, or a music festival with a favorite band. I think even the world’s most boring festivals must be loved by someone!

2. Locals are more sociable.

If you’re visiting a city during festival season, I think you’ll find the whole city (regardless of who’s attending the festival and who’s not) a bit more friendly. When Berlin hosts its annual film festival, the whole city comes alive with red carpets. It’s a festival that even the locals love and I think it shows. The city comes alive for those two weeks in winter and everyone is just that much more happy and friendly.

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