A Gay Tourist in Jordan

Published Date Author: , June 21st, 2014

Alain in Jordan

Now, I know the best way for a gay guy to get laid in Jordan–wear brightly-colored fashion and accessories. Even if you don’t have to walk like Ru Paul or like a beauty queen, Jordanian men will know that you are a fabulous specie of the human kind. I say these based on my experience. I was approached not once but four times.

So, here’s the story of a gay tourist in Jordan – how two strangers invited me for fun. In Petra, after a long walk and hike around the wondrous UNESCO Heritage Site, two young guys in their 20’s, honked at me from their car. I just exited the gate and was walking on my way to the hotel when they saw me — in a dark pink cashmere sweater, an orange beanie, blue pants, thin, blue scarf, and a light pink loafer! If a guy wears these, there’s no mistake he’s one damn fabulous mortal!

As I crossed a narrow street, they halted their car right in front of me. They smiled and started a conversation with something I didn’t expect to hear in a face to face encounter for the first time.

By Alain – Full Story at The Sojourner | Jordan Gay Travel Resources

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