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Published Date Author: , June 14th, 2014
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There’s no way around the fact that Brazil’s major cities are going to be crowded in the next few weeks. And we’re not talking about morning traffic crowded — we mean 4 million extra bodies in a country that has a population of 200 million to begin with. Beyond the fact that hotel rooms are starting at $700 per night, you can also expect long lines, expensive meals, and a lot of inebriation in all the World Cup host cities.

Just thinking about it is making us tired, which is why we’re pointing you to other parts of the region, beyond Brazil’s major hubs. Once you’ve paid for your expensive visa, get out of town and enjoy:

Beyond Rio: Iguazu Falls & Antonina: While the world’s eyes tend toward Rio, there’s much more beyond the carnival-crazed city. One oft-overlooked city we particularly love is Curitiba. Many who make the stop are usually on their way to or from Iguazu Falls, but spend a couple of days in the city and you’ll connect to a laid-back side of Brazil. From there, you can take a scenic train to the small colonial town of Antonina. Be sure to indulge in a Bala de Banana — a delicious banana candy made in the area — and sit along the river in summer.

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